Dear Students,

Easter is a time of renewal and new beginnings. Take the time this weekend to rest and renew your spirit. Celebrate with your family and friends over good food and good conversation. This will set you in the right frame of mind to tackle the last week of Semester 2 and prepare for your final exams.

Take some time to also reflect on your goals for next semester. What do you want to accomplish and what will it take for you to accomplish them? Reflect also on what did and did not work for you this past semester. Lastly, and most importantly, ask yourself, how do your goals align with your values? Values are what is most important to you and reflect who you truly are. It is important to be aware of your values, because they are often fuel for your goals and a source of strength when faced with difficult tasks.

Although I’ve given you some food for thought, enjoy your long weekend. I look forward to seeing you back on Tuesday well rested and ready to wrap up Semester 2.

Dimitri Kaklamanos
Principal, Westfield Secondary School