Hello, I’m Subeen Jeong, who has been taking an OSSD program at Westfield Education for the last 6 months. When I first decided to take online courses, I was worried that the quality of all the courses would be bad because it is non-face-to-face, but now I’m very satisfied.
First of all, Westfield is suitable for students overseas. There are many places where you can take online classes but they offer courses in real time, and due to the time difference, it is very difficult to follow courses successfully. But Westfield uploads and updates lecture videos on the subject portal, so I can take classes and do assignments comfortably regardless of the time difference. Second, I realize that the students’ questions and answers are well managed. If you ask for help or leave questions through school portal messages or emails, you will get an answer quickly. Finally, I personally suffered from a difficult situation in the middle of the semester, but the school responded to it quickly, so I felt that the school was very considerate of the students. As I work and study at the same time, these things have become very positive.