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When I first came to Canada, I came to study at a language school for six months. Six months later, I thought I wanted to enter a university to study more in Canada. I had a friend who graduated from high school in Canada and recommended me to go to high school in Canada. I

Gayoung Ryoo
Hello my name is Juhyeong and I am studying at Westfield. Westfield has an organized system which helps students effectively. We can choose the most suitable courses for us, so we can just focus on studying important subjects and improving our knowledge. Since I have never lived abroad, the lack of opportunities to use English

Juhyeong Jeon
If you guys want to get an OSSD, an online OSSD course might not be the best option, but it will be the best choice if you can’t set foot in Canada and attend lectures face to face or want to use one’s own time flexibly. There are many pros about WEIA courses. Basically, you

Kyeongyeong Choi
Hi everyone, I’m Rita Wang. I’m a new online student at Westfield and I’m excited to be here to talk about this school. First of all, I’ve had a good experience in the online classes even though I was a little bit skeptical about the quality of online education. The lessons on the website are

Mingyue Wang
Hi! I’m Minyoung Park from South Korea and it’s already been a half year since I started studying at Westfield International Academy. I enjoyed every part of studying with my teachers here so far. They’ve been supporting me every time I need help so that I may not fall behind. It has touched my heart

Minyoung Park
Hello, I’m Subeen Jeong, who has been taking an OSSD program at Westfield Education for the last 6 months. When I first decided to take online courses, I was worried that the quality of all the courses would be bad because it is non-face-to-face, but now I’m very satisfied. First of all, Westfield is suitable

Subeen Jeong