WEIA is a school dedicated to the success of all its students. Through our amazing program opportunities, you will find the right pathway that best meets your needs. Here, we want to give you all the relevant information you need to make the decision to choose Westfield! So have a look at the below items and you will see – Westfield can help you achieve all of your dreams!

Learn Focused on Your Learning Style
WEIA is directed by you and is easily catered to your style of learning. In fact, some students are saying that the traditional school is actually a barrier to learning because they cannot function most productively on a set schedule. WEIA’s flexibility will help you to overcome those challenges. Students may set their own pace of learning, and complete work when you have the time. This flexibility allows a variety of students from around the world and right here in Toronto to make choices that best help them find their own, individual path.

Comfortable Environment
You can choose your most favourable environment for your learning. While studying at WEIA, you don’t have to worry about where you are. Your bedroom, a library, or the coffee shop…any place can be your classroom. Wherever you are, and wherever you need to go – WEIA will be there, waiting for you to continue your coursework!

Affordable Solutions
Studying at WEIA means that you pay less tuition fees. If you decide to continue your study in your home country, you may not have to worry about living expenses or additional costs such as transportation. For a variety of students in a variety of situations, WEIA may afford you the financial flexibility to be able to move forward on your dream path!

Obtain Useful Skills for the Future
For those of you who are considering University as your next academic journey, building stronger skill sets is a priority. While studying at WEIA, you can improve self-motivation and time-management skills. You will develop a variety of important skills while studying with WEIA, and improve your knowledge in the topic areas of your choice!

Wait a minute! These are not all that WEIA offers to you. With its sister school, Westfield Secondary School present, WEIA students can enjoy in-depth university application counselling services, including but not limited to, individually tailored reference letters by our principal. Also, you have virtual study hall where you can discuss your study materials and seek help from your teachers and peers synchronously on a regular basis.


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