Application Procedures

Application and Administration Procedures:
1. Application submit(via email) completed Application Package to the Admissions Office
2. Administration Office confirms receipt of the Application Package via email Within 48 hours
3. Admissions Assistant reviews the application and confirms the eligibility via email.

If eligible:
Administration Assistant emails the Admission Letter to the applicant or agency for payment remittance
• Applicants submit payment by bank draft/money order to the Admissions Office or wire transfer the payment to Westfield Education account (a scanned copy of wire transfer remittance slip must be emailed to for confirmation of payment purpose), Kiki Zhang confirms payment in receipt.

If ineligible:
Admissions Assistant returns(paper application only) the Application Package to or emails the applicant or agency along with: a receipt of the application fee (issued by Kiki Zhang) & a review report

4. Admissions Assistant confirms receipt of Payment via email within 48 hours
5. Admissions Assistant prepares and sends out the Acceptance Package within 48 hours followed by email notice to agency/applicant:
• Official letter of acceptance
• Official receipts
• Custodianship Declaration-Custodian notarized(x1)
• School year Calendar

If visa approved:
Admission Assistant prepares and sends out the Welcome Package within 48 hours followed by email notice to agency/applicant:
• Welcome Letter(asking student to pay the residence fee and other fee)
• Course Selection Form
• International Student orientation information
• Arrival confirmation with Residence Student Profile fax or email to Admission Office.
• Application email/fax payment remittance form to Admission Assistant. Admission Assistant confirms payment with Accounting Department. Admissions Assistant issues payment receipt and arrival confirmation form to applicants and agencies for residence and airport pickup service arrangement.
• Applicants/agents fax or email the arrival confirmation form with flight information to the Admissions Assistant.
• Admissions Assistant arranges airport pickup services and residence room assignment.

I have earned the president position in the Students’ Council. I never thought I could actually become this leader who I dreamed to be. I have been through a lot of elections in my life, some I failed, some I just gave up. But this time, Westfield’s students and teachers trusted me and gave this chance, and I am very grateful. I had one gap year, totally lost; one year in a school that I did not feel I belonged in. Westfield brought my confidence back. I am proud to say, I have reached a high point in my life, with acceptances from Rotman Commerce, McGill’s Commerce, UTM’s Commerce with Scholarship.

Angel Liu

I am very grateful to my teachers and staffs for my achievement. When I started my journey at Westfield, I was filled with nervousness and doubt. However, the enthusiasm of the teachers, staff, and students helped me quickly adapt to the community. Westfield not only galvanized my academic capabilities but also gave me love and care.

Nathan Xing

I feel like the staff and teachers are friends. They are caring towards my study and life. They have helped build my confidence day by day, and improve my English which helps me adjust to local life. My parents are so proud of me and its all thanks to Westfield!


It’s been a few months now that I have been studying at Westfield. From the first day I came, Westfield made me feel very welcomed. Everyone is very friendly and communicative. The teachers are extremely caring and kind, and they really want us to succeed. Westfield has made me feel at home!


Hello everybody. I’m so lucky to study at Westfield Secondary School. I really enjoy Westfield because they’re very friendly and nice to me. I like them a lot. Westfield has a fun game room where I can play pool and table ping pong with my friends. After we finish class we have study hall. All our teachers help us to improve our skills in each subject. I am improving my English day by day being here better than I would have at home. I hope to see you here soon!