Homestay Service

Homestay Service

Westfield English Language School is dedicated to the success of our international students, and one area in which they need special support is through homestays – we believe that students living in established families and receiving support from a familial unit is the best way to ensure a smooth transition to academic living – let us tell you more about our Homestays and our procedures!

Selection Process: Westfield English Language School prides itself on careful selection of Homestay Partners. Our goal is to ensure only the very best outcomes for our students, and the best way to ensure this is to match students to families that have the best interests of the students in mind. To that end, we are very thorough in our selection process; all candidates are screened to ensure only the top-quality families work with Westfield to provide student accommodation. Contact us to find out more!

Benefits to Students: At Westfield English Language School, our students placed in Homestay family accommodation receive more than just room and board; they receive the very best care that can be provided. Students will be well fed and kept warm and safe, but even this is not enough for our high standards; we also want our Homestay families to be disciplined, and make sure students have structure in their lives that can help them succeed! Our families care not just about the students themselves, but of their academic goals as well!

Obligation of the Homestay Host:

1) Airport pickup and welcome student’s first arrival
2) Welcome the homestay student as a member of the family.
3) Regular conversation in English.
4) Opportunities to experience Canadian culture.
5) Provide a house key, security access codes, and host family contact information for the student.
6) A private room with bed, desk, desk chair, desk light, internet access, comfortable chair.
7) Shared/private access to a bathroom, laundry facilities, microwave, toaster oven, and suppliers to keep your room and bathroom clean.
8) Daily continental, self-serve breakfast to be eaten at your leisure/with family.
9) Provide adequate and nutritious food as defined in this contract.
10) Daily nutritious dinners to be eaten together with the family.
11) Space in a kitchen cupboard and refrigerator to store your personal food.

IMPORTANT: All students are required to have medical insurance and homestay placement prior to arrival to Canada.