Study Permit

Study Permit:
To study in Canada legally, you need a study permit. Study Permit is not a travel document and does not authorize entry into Canada.

To enter Canada as an international student in addition to a study permit, you need to have either a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV or Visa) or an electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) depending on your country of citizenship.

It is very important that your Study Permit never expire!

Initial Study Permit made Outside of Canada

If you have received an offer of admission to WELS, you must apply for your study permit from outside Canada before traveling to Canada to study. Your Study Permit may allow you to work on and off-campus when you are a full-time registered student.

Extending your Study Permit within Canada

Study Permit is the most important document issued by Citizenship and Immigration Canada to international students. It is important to ensure that your Study Permit does not expire.

At the beginning of my journey here at Westfield, I was filled with doubt and a lot of nerves. However, the enthusiastic teachers and staff, along with the energetic students helped me to adapt to this community quickly. I enjoy and appreciate my time here. Westfield is my home away from home.


Westfield Secondary is a great school to me. The students are friendly, and I can make friends with people from different countries. The teachers here are great, they are always here to listen and help us with any problems we come across. I would recommend Westfield Secondary to anyone interested in coming here!


I feel like the staff and teachers are friends. They are caring towards my study and life. They have helped build my confidence day by day, and improve my English which helps me adjust to local life. My parents are so proud of me and its all thanks to Westfield!


I came to Canada being excited but also feeling very nervous. I did not have any confidence in speaking English, but the teaching at Westfield help me to rebuild my confidence and has motivated me to improve my learning.


It’s been a few months now that I have been studying at Westfield. From the first day I came, Westfield made me feel very welcomed. Everyone is very friendly and communicative. The teachers are extremely caring and kind, and they really want us to succeed. Westfield has made me feel at home!