Why Westfield

Why Westfield

Westfield Secondary School is an independent secondary school committed to high standards of scholarship, citizenship, and personal responsibility. We offer a rigorous liberal arts and progressive curriculum, extensive co-curricular program, and supportive residential environment.

Featured Programs

Partnership with Trent’s EAP program designed to facilitate an easy transition between secondary and post-secondary education.


Teachers use a third party app called Schoology to upload course content for ease of access by our students. Students are able to upload their assignments and parents can monitor their child’s progress.

Teach Support

Our after school programs are overseen by our dedicated staff in order to provide tutoring, exam preparation, and homework support.


Westfield provides a Principal Recommendation Letter to all students seeking post-secondary scholarships. Through our own scholarship fund, we are pleased to reward select students with exceptional academic achievement.

Settlement Services

Westfield provides airport pickup service, support with opening a bank account, acquiring a phone carrier contract, and general familiarity with surroundings.

Strong School

Parent Communication Parents are kept informed by Westfield’s dedicated staff. Teachers and administrators often conference with parents to provide updates regarding the student’s academic progress or other matters of concern.

One-On-One Tutorials

Students who are enrolled in an online credit course will be provided a qualified tutor.