June 7 (Friday) Field Trip to Casaloma

On the 7th of June 2019 Mr. Taher and Mr. Imad, along with 33 students, went on a business field trip to Casa Loma. Upon arrival they were greeted by the staff and invited to explore the castle, explore into the rich history of Canadian entrepreneur Sir Henry Pellatt (castle owner), and actively participate in planning the castle’s next big business venture.

The trip offered our students an opportunity to analyze how ingenuity, time-proven business models, and luck factor into the world of business and technology. Toronto’s Castle is full of secret passages to explore; soaring towers to climb, with views of the cityscape. Students also visited the 800ft. underground tunnel photo exhibit and gain perspective on the darker side of life and history of early 20th century Canadian life. The historical Casa Loma stables are home to a collection of pristine condition antique cars in-line with the time of the Castle.


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