Student Service

Westfield Secondary School provides ongoing support to international students. Our caring student support service team offers three areas of support: Preparatory services, student care and counselling, and university counselling.
Guidance and support are available for all students to help them adjust to a new country, a new language and a new culture. Furthermore, helping students to make the transition to a new style of education is an important aspect of the Westfield Education as a conclusive organization. academic support is available to facilitate student’s efforts toward achieving their goals.

Students are encouraged to speak to a teacher or staff member with any concerns they may have during their stay in Canada. We are always there to listen compassionately, enlighten and provide the needed support for our students.

In preparation for your experience at Westfield, our support service team will provide you with pre-departure information that includes assistance relating to Visa/study permit matters (including extensions and meeting compliance requirements), information on overseas student health coverage, and the appropriate orientation for new international students.
Arrival and Accommodations: A student support representative from Westfield personally arrange airport pick up for every single student upon their arrival at Toronto Pearson International Airport, make sure him/her arrive at their selected accommodation safely. This carefree service eases arrival anxiety and transitions students smoothly into their new home.
Arranging a comfortable, secure accommodation for our students is a top priority. Our student service representative will coordinate accommodations before your arrival. Short-term living arrangements may be assigned if there is insufficient time to find long-term accommodations.

Homestay Preparation:
Students who are under the age of 18 are paired with a home-stay family that will provide a comfortable room, three meals a day plus snacks, and transportation to and from the school campus. Our local homestay families are personally interviewed by our accommodation officer and are chosen for their experience and friendliness.
For those students who are over 18 years old, they may rent local accommodations. Parents will need to review and sign all rental agreements.

Once the students have arrived they will continue to receive ongoing support by our international student advisers when required. Our advisers provide confidential counselling services and strategies to improve the student’s general well-being. Should a student take ill, our advisers will often drive a student to a medical clinic and provide translation support if necessary.

Study Hall
Provided to all as an additional, free of charge period from 4:10 pm to 5:15 pm Eastern Time (after students finish their core courses) students have the opportunity to catch up on schoolwork, do homework, and study all while supervised by a teacher who is readily available to provide support and tutoring. This could prove dramatic increase in grades for students looking to either improve or excel in their subject areas as well as their spoken English. About ninety percent of students who participated in our study hall reported significant advancements in their grades, or their own personal learning experiences.

This programme is provide to all students as extended period, without any extra charge. Study hall runs from 4:15 to 5:15 p.m., supervised by a teacher, and complete their homework as well as more practising in English at school.

Career University counselling:
Begins from the moment the student arrives. Each credit course in a student’s timetable is carefully curated to meet the university requirements for the student’s preferred university program. Westfield actively coordinates university presentations with many of Ontario’s universities such as University of Toronto, York University, Trent University, McMaster University, Queen’s University, Western University, Wilfred Laurier University, University of Waterloo, and many more. When the time comes, our guidance counsellors are prepared to support each student with their university application process beginning with a specialized OUAC seminar for all graduating students.

At the beginning of my journey here at Westfield, I was filled with doubt and a lot of nerves. However, the enthusiastic teachers and staff, along with the energetic students helped me to adapt to this community quickly. I enjoy and appreciate my time here. Westfield is my home away from home.


Westfield Secondary is a great school to me. The students are friendly, and I can make friends with people from different countries. The teachers here are great, they are always here to listen and help us with any problems we come across. I would recommend Westfield Secondary to anyone interested in coming here!


I feel like the staff and teachers are friends. They are caring towards my study and life. They have helped build my confidence day by day, and improve my English which helps me adjust to local life. My parents are so proud of me and its all thanks to Westfield!


I came to Canada being excited but also feeling very nervous. I did not have any confidence in speaking English, but the teaching at Westfield help me to rebuild my confidence and has motivated me to improve my learning.


It’s been a few months now that I have been studying at Westfield. From the first day I came, Westfield made me feel very welcomed. Everyone is very friendly and communicative. The teachers are extremely caring and kind, and they really want us to succeed. Westfield has made me feel at home!