Westfield Clubs

Basketball Club

Art Club

Club Leader: Bradley Bodanis

– Working on the university application portfolio

– Animation design / App design

– Design on the masks for charity

– School material design

– Learning design skills

– Collaborating with Westfield Poetry Club

Reading Club

Club Leader: Eyad Kalthoum

– Writing poem in your mother language

– Translating poems to another language

– Exchanging poems which are written in many other languages

– Adding design on the poem by the collaboration with Design Club

Math Contest Club

Club Leader: Maryam Dustjerdi

– Learning deeper level of mathematics

– Applying to the international mathematics contests

– Contest preparation

– Practice math questions for the contest

Music Club

Club Leader: Will Symonenko

– Playing songs requested by the Westfield students.

– Weekly mini concert is open to everyone

– Learning and practicing musical instruments

– Studying about music history.

Westfield Magazine

Club Leader: Amy Sun (Student)

– Translating school documents and teacher-parents meeting

– Earning volunteer hours by translating school documents

– Divided by ‘Learning Department’ and ‘Translator’s Department’

– Level test or IELTS test result is necessary to be in the translator’s department