Westfield Secondary School is excited to announce the 2020 International English Speech Contest (WIESC)! In order to successfully apply for this contest, please follow these steps.

<How to submit>

▶Step 1: Download the application form here [docx] [pdfand fill out the form.

▶Step 2: Make 2 minutes speech video. (File size must be smaller than 25MB)

▶Step 3: Send (1)the application form AND (2)the speech video to this email address.      →   westfieldss@naver.com

■Suggested Email title:
[WIESC application] YOUR FULL NAME in English

■Tip: You can use this link to compress your video file size under 25MB.
[Video Compressor(EN)] [Video Compressor(CN)]

If you have any inquiries or technical issues, please contact jule@westfieldeducation.ca

Good luck to all applicants! Qualified candidates for the finalist round with winning submissions will be contacted no later than October 23rd, 2020!

Thanks for your interest in WIESC Speech Contest!
The 1st round application is closed now.
Selected participants will receive emails individually by Oct 23. Please keep checking your emails.
If you don't hear anything by Oct 23, please participate in WIESC contest again next time. Thanks.